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Welcome to an experiment in artificial intelligence (AI) and human collaboration. Roughly 97.6542% of this entire platform has been crafted using AI, with a small, dedicated human team supervising and complementing the machine work in areas such as AI Prompt Engineering, Editorial Content, Public Relations, Revenue Generation, and Business Development.

Our journey was born out of a simple, yet time-consuming ordeal faced by millions around the world: finding the right consumer tech product. We've all been there, spending countless hours scanning websites, digesting both expert and user reviews, watching YouTube commentaries, and searching for the best deals available. Our goal?  To change this narrative through AI.

We leverage AI's unparalleled data-processing capabilities to do the heavy lifting for you. Our platform ingests, analyzes, and synthesizes a myriad of expert opinions and everyday user experiences, turning them into an easily digestible format. What once took hours, even days, can now be completed in a fraction of the time.

We've drawn inspiration from various corners of the internet, especially the structure and simplicity of Matt Drudge's Drudge Report, replicating its concise and accessible format.

Our financial sustenance is derived from participation in assorted affiliate marketing programs. As such, we may receive commissions when our users purchase products via the links to retail platforms that we provide. However, our integrity is non-negotiable and our core commitment lies with our users.

Our product recommendations spring from our AI-driven research and meticulous analysis, not from potential affiliate earnings or advertising arrangements. We stand by the accuracy and usefulness of our recommendations. However, in the event that a user returns their purchase because they are dissatisfied or feel the recommendation was ill-suited, we will not receive any affiliate commission.

This assures that our interests are directly aligned with yours, prioritizing your satisfaction and trust over any potential financial gain. The selection of products featured on our platform is guided solely by our AI-powered research, providing an unbiased and objective lens for your shopping needs. Our steadfast principle is to serve you with trustworthy and reliable insights, always.

This platform is as much yours as it is ours. We actively invite your feedback and suggestions. Your participation in this experiment will continually shape and refine our platform, helping us grow and adapt to your needs. Whether you want us to include specific categories, specific products, or any other aspects, we are here to listen.

Please contact us HERE.

We hope our platform not only expedites your shopping process but also enables you to make the most informed choices.

Welcome to our experiment. We hope you find it useful and look forward to evolving together!

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Mr. Roboto testing Kitchen Tech
Mr. Roboto testing Kitchen Tech
A friend of Mr. Roboto helping out with testing.
A friend of Mr. Roboto helping out with testing.

Above and Below - Mr. Roboto and a friend testing various kitchen gadgets in our studio.*

*Obviously we are kidding - Mr. Roboto is more like a mascot for Ai Tech Report than an actual robot. We seriously don't have robots testing consumer tech products - yet.... (smile). If your curious to learn more about Mr. Roboto - click here

AI Tech Report Robot Logo
AI Tech Report Robot Logo
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