AI Takes Centre Stage at the 2023 Toronto Collision Conference

"Explore the highlights of the 2023 Collision tech conference in Toronto, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) took centre stage. This blog post delves into Canada's ambitions in AI, the potential and concerns of AI development, its impact across various sectors, and Canada's immigration policies for attracting global tech talent. Discover how these discussions shape the future of AI and Canada's position in the global AI landscape."


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6/28/20232 min read

AI Takes Centre Stage at the 2023 Toronto Collision Conference
AI Takes Centre Stage at the 2023 Toronto Collision Conference


The 2023 Collision tech conference in Toronto was dominated by discussions around Artificial Intelligence (AI). From keynote speakers to startup pitches, the potential and challenges of AI were the main focus of the event.

Canada's Ambition in AI

Canada's industry and innovation minister outlined the country's plans for AI development. The minister highlighted the inclusion of AI in Canada's pending digital charter and discussed how Canada's approach to AI regulations compares to other countries.

AI Development and Concerns

AI has the potential to transform industries and everyday tasks. However, its development has raised concerns. Debates around the implications of AI were a significant part of the conference, with some calling for a pause on the training of powerful AI systems.

AI in Different Sectors

The impact of AI in various sectors was a key topic at the conference. In healthcare, AI could lead to more accurate disease prediction. In cybersecurity and quantum technology, AI could advance security measures and data protection.

Canada's Immigration Policies for Tech Talent

Canada's new immigration pathway for STEM workers was discussed, along with the "digital nomad strategy" for remote workers. These policies aim to attract global tech talent to support Canada's tech industry.

Promotion and Highlights of the Conference

The official trailers for the conference provided an overview of the event. Highlights included the vibrant tech community in Toronto and the focus on AI.

After Hours at the Conference

The conference also hosted various activities and events during the after-hours, providing networking opportunities and fostering collaboration among attendees.


The future of AI holds potential benefits and challenges. As the conference demonstrated, Canada is ambitious in its position in the global AI landscape. The discussions and debates at the conference will undoubtedly shape the future of AI development and its applications.


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