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OpenAI's Pilot Program Tests Usage-Based Earnings for GPT Builders

Learn about OpenAI's pilot program testing usage-based earnings for GPT builders. Also, discover the new Avatar in Motion 1.0 and the debate around AI-generated videos. Explore the limits, ethics, and impact of AI in businesses and job loss. Exciting insights in the world of AI!


Mr. Roboto

3/29/20246 min read

OpenAI Pilot Program
OpenAI Pilot Program

Hey there! Let's jump right into the exciting world of artificial intelligence. This week, OpenAI announced their pilot program to test usage-based earnings for GPT builders. They're partnering with a small group of builders to explore the potential of earning money through custom GPTs.

In addition, Haejen released a new Avatar in Motion 1.0 that can track, translate, and lip sync videos, sparking a debate about the availability and implications of AI-generated videos. AI technology is advancing rapidly, with the potential to replace human roles in businesses, and concerns are arising about the limits and ethics of this technology.

OpenAI's Pilot Program for GPT Earnings

OpenAI has recently announced a pilot program for GPT earnings based on usage, partnering with a small group of builders to test this new initiative. This program aims to reward the creativity and impact of GPT builders, allowing them to earn money through the usage of custom GPTs. GPT creator Nick Doos received an email announcing this program and expressing OpenAI's goal to create a vibrant ecosystem where builders are rewarded for their contributions. This program will explore and refine the approach to monetizing GPTs and provide an opportunity for builders to provide feedback.

OpenAI's Goal for GPT Builders

OpenAI's goal in implementing the pilot program for GPT earnings is to reward the creativity and impact of GPT builders. By compensating builders based on the usage of their GPT models, OpenAI aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem where builders are motivated to contribute and users have access to a wide range of highly useful GPTs. The partnership with builders and their participation in this program will play a crucial role in defining the approach to GPT monetization and ensuring fair compensation for their efforts.

Haejen's Avatar in Motion 1.0

Haejen has unveiled its latest development, Avatar in Motion 1.0, which introduces a range of features that push the boundaries of AI-generated videos. This new technology allows users to create videos with avatars that can flawlessly track, translate, and lip sync with any input text. Users can make gestures, use unique tones of voice, and even include background noise in their videos. The Avatar in Motion 1.0 is an impressive leap in AI-generated content creation and offers endless possibilities for businesses and individuals.

Debate on AI-Generated Videos

The availability and implications of AI-generated videos have sparked an ongoing debate among experts and the general public. On one hand, AI-generated videos offer tremendous potential for creative expression and streamlined content production. Businesses can leverage this technology to develop marketing materials, training videos, and other content more efficiently. However, concerns have been raised about the possible replacement of human roles in businesses, particularly in the field of video production and editing.

Ethics and Limits of AI-Generated Videos

The advancement of photorealistic AI videos raises important ethical considerations. While AI technology has made significant progress in generating realistic videos, there are concerns about the ethical use of this technology. The ability to manipulate video content, including altering people's appearances and speech, raises questions about the potential misuse of AI-generated videos. It is crucial to establish clear guidelines and responsible practices to ensure that AI video technology is used ethically and in line with societal values.

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Success of Haejen's AI in Manipulating a Tweet

Haejen's AI has demonstrated its ability to manipulate content through a viral tweet. By inputting a tongue twister into the AI system, the tweet was transformed into a modified version that maintained coherence and fluency. This success showcases the AI's capability to generate realistic user-generated content (UGC), which can have significant implications in various industries. Haejen's state-of-the-art technology offers promising opportunities for businesses to create engaging and authentic UGC content quickly and easily.

Authenticity of AI-Generated Videos

The availability of AI video generation tools has raised questions about the authenticity of AI-generated content. As AI technology becomes more advanced, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between AI-generated and human-produced videos. This poses challenges for ensuring the credibility and reliability of video content. While AI-generated videos offer convenience and efficiency, it is essential to implement measures that allow viewers to identify and verify the authenticity of the content they consume.

Capabilities of AI-Generated Videos

AI-generated videos have come a long way with the development of deep fake models and advancements in language translation and generation. Deep fake models enable the creation of highly realistic videos that can convincingly mimic human actions and speech. Additionally, AI algorithms can generate videos in any language within minutes, making them useful for a wide range of applications. The capabilities of AI-generated videos continue to expand, providing exciting opportunities for content creators and businesses.

Misuse of AI-Generated Videos

As with any technology, there is a potential for the misuse of AI-generated videos. One concerning aspect is the possibility of creating fake celebrity endorsements using AI technology. This could lead to unethical marketing practices and undermine trust in advertising and endorsements. The impact on the authenticity of content is another area of concern, as AI-generated videos have the potential to deceive viewers and manipulate information. It is crucial to address these issues and establish safeguards to prevent the misuse of AI-generated videos.

AI's Impact on Jobs and Innovation

The rise of AI technology has raised concerns about job loss and its impact on various industries. Surveys have shown that many managers aim to replace workers with AI systems, which could lead to significant changes in the job market. Additionally, AI systems replacing human voice actors and other roles raise important questions about the future of certain professions. However, AI innovation also presents opportunities for job creation and improved efficiency. Companies like Google and Amazon are actively investing in AI-related projects and introducing new AI-driven features and products.


OpenAI's pilot program for GPT earnings and Haejen's Avatar in Motion 1.0 exemplify the rapid advancements and potential of AI technology. However, important discussions and considerations surrounding the ethics, authenticity, and impact of AI-generated content must accompany these developments. Proper guidelines and responsible practices should be established to ensure the ethical use of AI video technology and protect against the potential misuse of such powerful tools. While AI technology holds great promise for creativity, efficiency, and innovation, it is crucial to strike a balance that benefits both individuals and society as a whole.


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