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SWE AGENT - New "Open Source DEVIN" Outperforms All Others

Discover the game-changing SWE AGENT, an advanced open-source software engineering agent that outperforms all others. This article covers its features, benchmarks, design, limitations, and more. This "Open Source DEVIN" has remarkable accuracy, speed, and open-source nature making it a tool to watch out for!


Mr. Roboto

4/2/20248 min read


There is a new open-source software engineer agent called SWE Agent, and let me tell you, it's been making waves in the industry.

This new agent outperforms others in terms of accuracy, speed, and performance. With an average solving time of 93 seconds on GitHub repos, it's proving to be a game-changer. Plus, with its open-source nature, it allows for experimentation and contribution to software engineering research. The paper release with technical details is expected on April 10th, so keep an eye out for that. All in all, this is an exciting development in the field of software engineering.

Introduction to SWE-Agent

SWE-agent is an advanced level open-source software engineering agent that has recently been announced. This agent has quickly gained attention in the industry as it outperforms all other software engineer agents. SWE-agent turns LMs (e.g. GPT-4) into software engineering agents that can fix bugs and issues in real GitHub repositories. They accomplish these results by designing simple LM-centric commands and specially-built input and output formats to make it easier for the LM to browse the repository, view, edit and execute code files. They call this Agent-Computer Interface (ACI) and build the SWE-agent repository to make it easy to iterate on ACI design for repository-level coding agents.

Comparison with Other Software Engineer Agents

SWE-agent has been compared to a notable closed-source software engineer agent called Devin, which was the first autonomous software engineer. Surprisingly, SWE-agent achieves comparable accuracy to Devin on software engineering benchmarks. What makes SWE-agent even more impressive is that it outperforms Devin in terms of solving issues in GitHub repos. SWE-agent takes an average of only 93 seconds to solve these issues, highlighting its efficiency and speed. This remarkable performance showcases the potential of open-source models in the field of software engineering and demonstrates that smaller teams can achieve remarkable results in shorter time spans.

Efficiency and Speed of SWE-Agent

SWE-agent has achieved a 12.29% accuracy on open-source comparative benchmarks, which is only slightly lower than Devin's 13.84%. This demonstrates the ability of open-source models to catch up to and potentially surpass closed-source models in terms of performance. The impressive accuracy of SWE Agent indicates that it is capable of handling complex software engineering tasks with high precision.

Open-Source Agent Computer Interface

A key aspect of SWE-agent is its open-source agent computer interface, which allows for editing and running code. This specialized interface is designed to make it easy for the agent, powered by GPT 4, to interact with code and execute tasks efficiently. By providing specific commands such as navigating repositories, searching files, editing lines, and converting input into code, the agent computer interface ensures seamless interaction between the agent and the codebase.

Performance on Open-Source Comparative Benchmarks

SWE-agent's performance on open-source comparative benchmarks further reinforces its capabilities. It has achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 12.29% on these benchmarks, which demonstrates its competence in solving complex software engineering problems. This performance is a testament to the power and potential of open-source models in driving advancements in the field of software engineering.

Competitive Performance with Closed-Source Models

SWE-agent's performance is not limited to open-source benchmarks only. It showcases competitive performance with state-of-the-art closed-source models. This indicates that open-source models have the potential to match or even surpass closed-source models in terms of performance. While closed-source models currently dominate the field due to their stronger performance, SWE-agent paves the way for increased adoption and use of open-source models in the future.

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Specialized Terminal for Interaction and Execution

SWE-agent interacts with code and executes tasks through a specialized terminal. This terminal allows the agent to open, scroll, and edit files, ensuring precise changes and preventing mistakes. It also enables the agent to write and execute tests, optimizing code quality and efficiency. This specialized terminal is critical to the performance of SWE-agent and enhances its capability to handle software engineering tasks effectively.

Improvements in Agent Computer Interface Design

The design of the agent computer interface plays a vital role in SWE-agent's performance. It has been observed that connecting GPT 4 to a vanilla bash terminal does not yield optimal results. Therefore, an LM-friendly agent computer interface has been specifically designed to enhance the agent's understanding and improve its performance. This new design facilitates effective communication between the agent and the codebase, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in solving software engineering issues.

Enhancing Performance by Limiting Line Views

One interesting finding in the development of SWE-agent is that limiting the information accessed by the AI system can improve its performance. By allowing the system to view only 100 lines at a time, instead of the entire file, the agent's planning and execution become more effective. This limitation helps streamline the agent's thought process and allows it to focus on processing smaller portions of code. This optimization strategy has proven to be beneficial for SWE-agent's overall performance.

Advantages of Open-Source Agent in Software Engineering Research

The open-source nature of SWE-agent offers significant advantages in the field of software engineering research. Being open source means that anyone can experiment with and contribute to the agent's development and improvement. This fosters collaboration and innovation, enabling the software engineering community to collectively enhance the capabilities of SWE-agent. Open-source models like SWE-agent have the potential to drive groundbreaking advancements and advancements in software engineering research.

Technical Details and Future Expectations

SWE-agent offers a demo that allows viewers to see the agent in action. This demo provides a practical demonstration of SWE-agent's capabilities and showcases how it functions in solving software engineering issues. Additionally, a technical paper release is expected on April 10th, which will provide in-depth technical details and insights into the development of SWE-agent. This paper release is highly anticipated and will offer further insights into the agent's performance and potential.

Accessing the Demo of SWE-Agent

For those interested in experiencing SWE-agent firsthand, a demo is available. This demo allows viewers to witness the agent in action, gaining a better understanding of its capabilities and the effectiveness of its solutions. By accessing the demo, viewers can explore SWE-agent's features in a hands-on manner and see the agent's problem-solving abilities come to life.

Upcoming Paper Release on April 10th

A technical paper release is scheduled for April 10th, which will provide detailed information about SWE-agent. This paper will delve into the technical aspects of the agent, including its architecture, algorithms, and performance optimization strategies. By reading the paper, researchers and enthusiasts alike can gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of SWE-agent and its potential impact on the field of software engineering.

Expected Cost Optimization in Technical Paper

The upcoming technical paper is expected to outline cost optimization strategies in detail. SWE-agent aims to limit costs to $4 per task, and the average cost per solved task will be specified in the paper. This information will provide insights into the economic feasibility and cost-effectiveness of using SWE-agent in real-world scenarios. Optimizing costs is crucial to the widespread adoption and utilization of software engineering agents like SWE-agent.

Current Usage of Closed-Source Models

Although SWE-agent is an open-source software engineering agent, closed-source models (like Devin) currently dominate the field due to their stronger performance. Many software engineering tasks rely on closed-source models for their high accuracy and efficiency. However, SWE-agent's competitive performance with closed-source models showcases the potential of open-source models to challenge and surpass closed-source counterparts.

Openness to Future Use of Open-Source Models

While closed-source models currently have a stronger presence, SWE-agent's success highlights the potential of open-source models. This openness ensures that the field of software engineering remains open to advancements and innovations from open-source models, further driving the progress of the industry.

By providing comprehensive information on SWE-agent, its performance, technical details, and future expectations, this article aims to highlight the significance of this game-changing software engineering agent. SWE-agent's open-source nature, efficiency, speed, and advancements in agent computer inter