Turmoil Intensifies at OpenAI

Here is the LATEST of what's happened in last 24 hours regarding OpenAI


Mr. Roboto

11/21/20231 min read

Here's a summary of the significant events that unfolded in the past day:

  • A staggering number of OpenAI employees, over 700 out of 770, have issued an ultimatum to the board, threatening to join Microsoft unless there's a change in the board's composition.

  • A revealing article by The Information alleges that OpenAI's board had attempted a merger with their competitor, Anthropic.

  • Additionally, The Information reported that several of OpenAI's clients are contemplating switching to competitors like Anthropic and Google.

  • Reuters has recently reported that major investors are considering legal action against the OpenAI board.

  • With the looming possibility of a mass employee exodus, the continuity of operations for OpenAI's products, including ChatGPT, remains uncertain.

In light of these recent dramatic developments, the future of OpenAI appears to be in a precarious state.


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